Our offer

Incorvus is a digital metamorphosis consultancy, offering training, services and consulting:

Our team

Our management team, founders, principal consultants, information architects and services professionals are industry veterans. The team has considerable experience across multiple verticals, lines of business, global vendor technologies, IT solutions, software development, accountancy, corporate finance, merchant banking and venture capital. Their experience includes working for a Fortune 500 market leader and recognised global brands.

Steeped in troubleshooting information systems, our team focuses on what is critical for the systems of business. Typically, we find the starting point is data. The team has delivered solutions which have:

  • outlived the client company and been sold on as an asset;
  • remained operational in their original form for many years without any support requests;
  • been so valuable that they were hived off into a new division of the client company.

Our experience

Unless you are already led by a digital visionary, or digital is already regarded as an essential board-level discipline, you will need experienced advisors to help you to:

  • achieve critical levels of digital leadership, a precursor for cultural shift;
  • address the lack of digital & technological savvy needed for systems thinking;
  • benefit from an independent perspective on your progress toward digital metamorphosis.

Government frameworks

Incorvus has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 12 framework for the supply of Lot 3 Cloud Support data migration services and support: from legacy to digital. Our services are also available through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS5) framework (RM1043.7 January 2021) where we offer digital outcomes and digital specialists services (Lots 1 & 2).

If you would like to know more about Incorvus, please do get in touch.

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