We’d like to tell you about ourselves

Incorvus’ vision

Incorvus is a digital metamorphosis consultancy, offering technology solutions, services & corporate training.

We will take you from data to knowledge: solving your wider business issues, not just immediate technology problems!

Incorvus’ team

Our management team, principal consultants and delivery professionals are industry veterans with long experience in multiple verticals, lines of business and technologies which includes having worked for various Fortune 500 listed MNC’s.

Our experienced team of principal consultants are unique in that individuals meld board & executive level corporate disciplines with technology knowhow. Their combined expertise covers more than 80 years aggregate experience of delivering resilient, strategic, Data, Data Management, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Decision Intelligence, Modelling & Analytics solutions backed up by top level corporate roles & responsibilities.

The team has designed, implemented & delivered solutions which have:

  • outlived the client company and been sold on as an asset;
  • remained operational in their original form for many years without any support requests;
  • been so valuable that they were hived off into a new division of the client company.

Their corporate experience includes:

  • corporate finance;
  • venture capital;
  • investment banking;
  • accounting;
  • trusteeship;
  • overview & scrutiny;
  • audit;
  • treasury;
  • governance;
  • chairmanship;
  • multiple industry verticals (including a Fortune 500 market leader & recognised global brands);
  • training & mentoring senior international executives in corporate financial & governance disciplines; sector-specific topics, technology strategy & digital upskilling;
  • international joint ventures & SPVs.

Their technology credentials include:

  • world-leading BI & ROLAP design;
  • software development (including selling a BI product to the US);
  • troubleshooting global vendor product; &
  • many years of delivering resilient data-engineering solutions that solved major business headaches for clients!

Their qualifications include:

  • M.A. (Cantab) – Engineering;
  • FCA;
  • M.A. (Oxon.);
  • MBA;
  • ACMA;
  • M.Mus. (UCL);
  • IBM Solutions Advisor;
  • Published & cited authorship.

Incorvus’ values

We learn from our mistakes. Fail fast, fail early! If you make no mistakes, you’re not learning; you’re not thinking hard enough; you’re not producing or adding value.

The most important person in our business is the customer. We will always have time for you. In our digital universe, customer deflection is a seriously bad idea.

Risk management is a myth. Containment of risk is anathema to evolution. It kills innovation by stifling the only constant in life (apart from death & taxes) which is change. Calculated risk is healthy, confirmation bias is not. Change is absolutely necessary & inevitable.

Incorvus’ inspiration

The ‘Incorvus’ brand was inspired by the Latin term for the raven, Corvus, and its constellation.

The raven has long been associated with wisdom. Huginn & Muninn were ravens used by Odin to gather intel beyond even a god’s perception.

Early Viking longboats used ravens in adverse weather, where poor visibility prevented them seeing or locating the safety of the nearest landfall. In both instances, the ravens provided intelligence regarding events or locations beyond the ability or vision of their patrons, and became known for their powers of prophecy and portent.

Huginn is associated with thought & Muninn, with memory. We take the latter to represent retrospection, the ability to review historic events and apply those to the current period. Whereas we associate Huginn with the power to look ahead & gather advance intelligence. In this way, the pair of ravens provided Odin with the ability to discern trajectory by understanding ‘yesterday, today & tomorrow’ – an early form of scenario planning if you will.

The Corvidae are considered to be amongst the smartest animals in the world, due to their encephalisation quotient. They have an exceptional cardiovascular system that allows them to survive flights over long distances and a peculiar aptitude for remembering faces. Science now endorses what Odin had already surmised!

To succeed at digital metamorphosis, organisations need to know where they’ve come from; appraise where they are; & prepare to explore the uncertainty that lies ahead – a journey of risk & reward. The ravens’ eye-view could be the difference between reaping the risk or winning the reward.

Our thanks

And finally, thank you Unsplash contributors for the fabulous, fresh, imagery which really helped us to get our message across.

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