Analytics is about time to value

Generate internal credibility and external value from continuously curated and well-governed data which can be presented, realise value and meet compliance tests. When data is presented, so is your reputation.

Presented data must stand the test of time as well as meet immediate deadlines. Do you have overlapping or duplicate reports, all draining the same bandwidth? Do you know where to locate the key data that drives those reports? Do you have full visibility of the data structures within applications?

Curate now before your data risks grow and potential value dilutes as your competitors forge ahead and you lose the chance to secure potential rewards! Data gravity transcends the scaling laws of business!

The longer you delay, the bigger the problem will grow and the more likely that your presented analysis may be founded on the wrong data or assumptions.

Democratise analytics

Analytics used to be the domain of technologists, since the early days of BI & MI, but getting timely reports was a challenge. Self-service analytics largely mitigated technical barriers for business analysts which also facilitated quick, easy, visual reporting. But with data volumes on the increase, time to value when dealing with large datasets (whether still in spreadsheet form or in relational databases) requires other skills, beyond the pure analytics tools.

Optimise analytics tasks

If your expertise spans both business & technology, you can reduce the size of the analytics task, through knowing what is critical, where to look and for what.  If you also have top level business experience gained from blue-chip global brands, then that ability to quickly establish what is relevant, particularly in finance matters, is further enhanced.  This is why our BI and information systems practitioners can help you optimise your data analytics tasks and speed time to value.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Experience of top level information systems & BI delivery means we rapidly identify trends, exceptions or areas of insight into business issues. The interrogation of large datasets benefits from a mix of technological & professional expertise, data science & data analytics, which speeds the distillation of organisational value from raw data.