Everyone’s an analyst!Democratise business intelligence with AI-assisted analytics! Put your finger on board-ready intel & alerts!

Embed an analytics culture & augment your organisational intelligence!
Find out for yourself what story your data is telling you!
Be automatically alerted to immediate threats or opportunities!
Yellowfin BI product
Yellowfin BI screens

Yellowfin is next-gen BI

It’s data-centric, which means:

it ‘plays nicely’ with existing systems;
it doesn’t get ‘left on the shelf’;
it doesn’t have to be in the cloud;
it uses natural language queries;
it can connect to any or multiple data sources;
its multi-tenancy & scalable;
its business model is not based on your data usage!
Yellowfin board ready visuals

Boardroom-ready visuals

Let the ‘story’ sell itself
annual report standard presentation;
minimal need for internal design support;
brand & design once, use many;
action workflow promptly with easy-to-use buttons;
every Yellowfin ‘story’ is a data-centric blog!
Yellowfin BI AI alert signals
Automated alerts
Automate, accelerate & augment your insight
get the board’s attention with ‘ai’-enabled signals;
coverage across an end-to-end analytics platform;
build natural language queries if you don’t speak the lingo;
minimal need for internal analyst support!
Yellowfin BI on the go

Intel, anywhere

YellowfinBI on devices & desktop
BI at your fingertips: in the office or on the go!
highly secure, penetration tests passed with flying colours;
‘AI’-enabled ‘signals’ will get the board’s attention!

Drill down to digits

See the intel, act on the data!
BI should be a reducing exercise;
BI should simplify, not add complexity;
BI should enable drill down to data detail.