Digital metamorphosis consulting: from chrysalis to imago

digital metamorphosis consultingan agile, evolutionary path from data to knowledge, getting the digital game-changer right.

from application to data centric!
from sclerotic to optimal processes!
from occasional to systemic governance!
sync people, processes & systems!
knowledge, your window on the future!

Digital consultingDigital metamorphosis is systemic organisational evolution, not just piecemeal transformation.

In the natural world, metamorphosis enables juvenile forms to change state; to defer full development till they can compete in their environment.

For organisations, this translates to a staged but holistic approach to enact far-reaching cultural, structural and procedural change impacting people, processes and systems.

Digital metamorphosis is incremental. It starts by becoming data-centric. Data is your corporate avatar, uniting boardroom & edge in virtual diagnosis & prognosis.

Follow the path from data to knowledge!

Incoherent domain

Digital reality?

Transformation disappointing?
Digital initiative floundering?
Processes still fractured?
Service integration issues?
AI results bewildering?
startup maze

New biz? Think digital!

Early decisions are critical to avoid expensive mistakes. If technology, compliance or business issues overwhelm, try our digital primer for startups & other digital courses.

Fast-track diligenceNeed a rapid independent qualification of a target corporate entity? Including digital infrastructure & information architecture?

Our corporate discovery is informed by top level experience in financial management in blue chip globals, but also by deep experience of information architecture & analytics technologies: a combination of skills that even your external auditors may find a challenge.

We take an holistic approach, appraising all aspects of an organisation, transecting departmental walls.

Discover new information, overlooked insights & peace of mind.

Black swan

diligent discoveryfast-track diligent discovery: risk & reward analysis; modelling & indicator research; evaluation; assessment of target corporate entities.

for the curious CEO;
for corporate raiders;
for analysts or investors.
NASA - satellite

strategic optimisationstrategic optimisation is a scalable methodology: for enterprise or entrepreneur; for small steps or big ones; for sorting out a particular problem or making strategically significant decisions about your organisation.

optimise strategic goals & direction;
rationalise decision-making;
compete on the most advantageous territory.

Optimisation is multi-dimensionalLike modern satellites, Odin’s ravens augmented his perception beyond the terrestrial.

Their daily intelligence gathering, incorporating temporal & spatial dimensions, fuelled Odin’s wisdom. One raven was tasked with retrospect, memory – the other with new thought, both avatars seeking information & knowledge.

This multi-dimensional, bi-temporal perspective enables optimisation of strategic decisions & direction, through an holistic model encompassing comparative historic analysis & forward-looking scenario planning.

Optimisation requires more than ‘point in time’ capture.

Get above the techno-clutter – get a bird’s eye view!

We’re in the multiverse now.

Huginn & Muninn

Huginn & Muninn: retrospect & prospect

To set a course you need to know where you’ve come from.

Retrospective analysis informs the prospective future.

digital explosion

From data to knowledge

Data, the ‘cells’ of the corporate cardiovascular system.
Metadata, how applications describe data.
Semantics, how humans describe data.
Knowledge, shared understanding, common to man & machine across the domain.

Digital deficitOrganisations no longer have the luxury of time: digital is a strategic differentiator. Digital visionaries represent strategic advantage, visibly outdistancing the competition end user expectations through the smart application of digital technologies & devices.

Organisations not led by a digital visionary, or where digital is not in the board’s DNA, are in digital deficit.& will be unable to:

achieve critical levels of digital leadership, a precursor for cultural shift;
augment the digital savvy needed to progress from data to knowledge;
accelerate through making informed critical technology choices instead of making optimistic AI ‘announcements!

Resilient consultingOur consulting has a habit of being resilient over time. We ‘think digital’: focus on data; fail fast and build for change! Data is the foundation of digital.

activity-based costing
automation efficiency
benchmarking tanker fleets
data quality tooling
digital asset management
multi-currency data synchronisation
supply chain re-engineering