Digital metamorphosis consulting

Digital advisory

Unless organisations are already led by a digital visionary, or digital is already present as an essential board-level discipline, without digital advisory how will they:

  • achieve critical levels of digital leadership, a precursor for cultural shift?
  • augment the digital savvy needed to progress from data to knowledge?
  • assess their digital achievement, progress & potential future?

Why do we say this?

It's not business as usual.... any more!

Changes to our daily lives, in response to the pandemic, accelerated the advent & reach of digital. Digital visionaries secured strategic advantage, significantly outdistancing the competition by addressing users' digital expectations and leveraging the data-centric potential of digital technologies and devices.

Organisations no longer have the luxury of time or a business-as-usual response. The world is simply moving too fast - technology is a strategic differentiator. Digital demands that organisations fail fast and build for change!

Digital metamorphosis is systemic organisational evolution, not merely piecemeal transformation. In the natural world, metamorphosis enables juvenile forms to change state; to defer full development till they are better equipped to compete in their chosen environment. For organisations, this translates to a staged but holistic approach to enact far-reaching cultural, structural and procedural change impacting people, processes and systems.

Systems thinking

"People, ideas, machines… in that order" stated Colonel John Boyd, military strategist and former USAF fighter pilot explaining the OODA loop [observe–orient–decide–act] as a means to address operational failings due to poor information or intelligence. We find this to be inexorable logic because without:

  • data-centricity, data validation will not be rigorous, therefore organisations will lack objectivity. Analysis will be marred by assumptions and data errors, failing the first test of observation;
  • observation, there won't be reliable provenance, trajectory or destination, so organisations will fail the second test of orientation.
  • orientation, how can organisations act promptly & reliably, make sound but timely decisions - especially under 'wartime' conditions?
  • prompt & decisive action, digital projects will continue to disappoint which can be catastrophic for organisations.

Data, semantics, knowledge

Our consulting philosophy, borne out in our BI experience, is that digital is data-centric. Digital technologies generate massive amounts of data. That data must flow - it's the cardio-vascular system of the digital entity, In the digital world, data (in the widest sense) - not devices, applications or technologies - is your most critical & valuable asset. Digital is only as good as the data you put into it!

The OODA loop reduces the complexity of digital by filtering for relevant data, data that is critical, enabling rapid response in wartime situations.

Data must also have consistent meaning across an ecosystem. The digital nervous system uses semantics to determine meaning, understood by both people and machines. This enables systems to avoid information overload by filtering for what is critical: evidential touchpoints from which the 'brain of the firm' can infer knowledge and look beyond cloud.

We're here to help you make sound decisions rapidly amid the noise of battle, and make no mistake, after the pandemic, it's a warzone out there! Fighter pilots are rare birds... not only do they have particular aptitude for flying and making sound decisions under severe pressure, they are also technical experts. They understand the limits of their own and others' technology in the search for competitive advantage.

For us, this is why digital metamorphosis is strategic, a game changer, & why digital transformation so often misses the mark. If your digital projects disappoint; you're in digital deficit or you simply want to get digital right from the start, then contact Incorvus for digital metamorphosis consulting. We begin with the data, but we will solve your business problem, not just your data issues.