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Incorvus’ integrated approach brings the necessary technology emphasis to digital business consulting competencies, borne out of information systems experience and expertise.

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Incorvus delivers integrated professional services. Digital demands integration, from the boardroom to the edge. Our technology services focus on data, vital to successful information systems.

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Incorvus’ training covers digital thought leadership at board level; the corporate impact of digital on management; and professional development of digital and traditional competencies.

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Incorvus' perspectives on the nature, impact and trajectory of digital metamorphosis: a blog of published articles, white papers, case studies, research, and analysis, for discussion and debate.

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Digital metamorphosis changes people, processes and system. Incorvus’ consultants integrate technology, accounting, marketing and business disciplines gained through advisory, design and implementation of top level information systems. Our name was inspired by the Latin term for the raven family; birds associated with wisdom, prophecy and portent. Huginn and Muninn were used by Odin to gather information beyond his perception. Incorvus offers consulting, services and training to help clients create, improve and develop digital systems.

Fix your data problems…

Data is so often the cause of bigger IT and business problems, Organisations which postpone data curation risk greater pain and cost down the track (as other projects stall and slip), and fail to realise the true value of this key corporate asset.

Get your metadata fit for purpose…

Similarly, organisations with poor or incomplete metadata, will find search, analysis and governance a challenge. Metadata is essential for these functions, for managing unstructured data and for future projects using new tech.

By benefitting from our experience…

Incorvus helps organisations ensure all their data and metadata are fit for purpose. As an information governance specialist, steeped in Business Intelligence disciplines and with deep data experience, we provide implementation services as well as thought leadership.

And a data-centric approach

Incorvus takes a data-centric approach which evolves naturally into data strategy and data architecture, planning vital to the success of data-fuelled, well-governed ecosystems. Our role is to help you provide the right data, to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.


digital debate and insights

Incorvus services’ available through DOS5

Digital outcomes from digital specialists The Digital Marketplace, run by Crown Commercial Service, means the public sector can save on the time and cost of entering into individual procurement contracts, by instead procuring through frameworks. The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework enables the public sector to efficiently find and procure outcomes, specialists and user research […]

Incorvus on G-Cloud 12

Data migration: from legacy to digital Incorvus has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 12 framework for the supply of Lot 3 Cloud Support data migration services and support: from legacy to digital. Our data migration services include: data & metadata discovery, preparation, migration and management – to help you […]

Why the CDO is a bellwether!

The CDO as an indicator of digital readiness.

Geospatial data in the UK

The Bottom Line October 2019: Geospatial data in the UK, its rise, significance for business and some of the problems associated with its development and use. Co-authored with Prof. Merlin Stone and Dr. Eleni Avaropoulou.