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Specialist data, metadata, semantics, ontology services & troubleshooting .
Designing & engineering digital solutions to produce actionable, auditable intelligence & domain-level knowledge.


It's not business as usual anymore! Get digital right now! Consult with Incorvus for digital metamorphosis!
The 'Incorvus' brand was inspired by the Latin term for the raven, Corvus, and its constellation.

The raven is associated with wisdom, prophecy and portent: Huginn & Muninn were ravens used by Odin to gather intel beyond even a god's perception. Early Viking longboats used ravens in adverse weather, where poor visibility prevented them seeing or locating the safety of the nearest landfall. In both instances, the ravens provided critical farsight & foresight regarding events or locations beyond the ability or vision of their patrons.
Huginn, Muninn
The Corvidae are considered to be amongst the smartest animals in the world, due to their encephalisation quotient. They also have an exceptional cardiovascular system that allows them to survive flights over long distances. Science now endorses what Odin had already surmised!

To succeed at digital metamorphosis, organisations need to prepare themselves for exploration of far-off lands: for a journey of risk and reward. The raven’s eye-view could be the difference between reaping the risk or winning the reward.
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training | services | consulting
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