Putting your data first!

Fix your data problems…

Data is so often the cause of bigger IT and business problems, Organisations which postpone data curation risk greater pain and cost down the track (as other projects stall and slip), and fail to realise the true value of this key corporate asset.

Get your metadata fit for purpose…

Similarly, organisations with poor or incomplete metadata, will find search, analysis and governance a challenge. Metadata is essential for these functions, for managing unstructured data and for future projects using new tech.

By benefitting from our experience…

Incorvus helps organisations ensure all their data and metadata are fit for purpose. As an information governance specialist, steeped in Business Intelligence disciplines and with deep data experience, we provide implementation services as well as thought leadership.

And a data-centric approach

Incorvus takes a data-centric approach which evolves naturally into data strategy and data architecture, planning vital to the success of data-fuelled, well-governed ecosystems. Our role is to help you provide the right data, to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.


Understanding the value of different types of data.


Alternative data

Alternative data refers to additional datasets that may add value to your own.


Dark data

Dark data may be as much as 80% of your data, data whose use is not understood.


Locational data

Locational data is created and used by an increasing number of devices and apps.


Unstructured data

Getting to grips with unstructured data is not easy due to its many formats.



Without metadata you can’t use your data. Is your metadata poor or trapped in packaged applications with no usable data model?



Data first, semantics second and code last!

Organisations face a number of pressures where data quality, and metadata comprehension can, we believe, not only address the immediate objective but provide added value and de-risking opportunities: if you’re planning to extract & preserve legacy data, you will need the data lineage, provenance and meaningful metadata to preserve the data value and promote future […]

A universe of data

Thanks to Kx – a division of First Derivatives plc for a great ‘Update on Kx AI/ML, Space and more’ event last week – really illustrated the application of Kx to seriously big time series data. Awesome ‘space vertigo’ keynote opening from Prof. Mark McCaughrean Senior Advisor for Science & Exploration, European Space Agency and insightful follow-up […]

The ‘Solid’ estate executor

Apologies for being macabre, but it seems to us that one situation Solid can really help with is that of dealing with digital assets and entitlements after death. The Public Record outlines some of the difficult, and sometimes irresoluble issues that confront the bereaved: for instance, they may not be able to get access to […]

“Rekognize” your unstructured data

At the moment, Amazon’s Rekognition service is limited to image and video analysis, but it appears to be a significant step forward as regards meaningful and intelligent metadata for those types of unstructured content. Could save a lot of work as it uses machine learning (ML) and can process imagery in real-time.

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