Sorkin's epitaph to failure should have been the all-time cure for any risk manager suffering from insomnia. but...

Data has long been the ‘Cinderella’ of corporate systems. Organisations invest willingly in IT system redundancy and high-availability, but rarely do they invest commensurately in the data itself....

Geospatial data in the UK, its rise, significance for business and some of the problems associated with its development and use.

Without metadata, data itself will not be understood and therefore will have little or no value..

The application of Kx to seriously big time-series data as explained by an enthralling professor from the European Space Agency.

Solid - managing your digital estate before and after death.

Rekognition represents a significant step forward by Amazon in the digital battle to understand and grasp unstructured content via metadata.

“Digital doesn’t belong in the basement, it belongs in the boardroom.”

Find your metadata in minutes or hours rather than days, weeks or months

Easily locate personal data buried in SAP, CRM or ERP systems