The ‘Solid’ estate executor

Apologies for being morbid, but it seems to us that one situation Solid can really help with is that of dealing with a person’s digital estate post mortem.

The Public Record outlines some of the difficult, and sometimes irresolvable issues that confront the bereaved: for instance, they may not be able to get access to an online account held by the deceased because the logon may not be passed to a third party. Content may be someone else’s IPR. And don’t even think about tweets!

It’s all still digital content and because it is, the ownership, access and privacy issues relating to those accounts and content could be much easier for executors and immediate family to deal with if Solid developers manage to put together an app for that. The only difference will be that the holder of the Solid pod may no longer be alive.

The issue of sorting out digital assets after death is a difficult and messy one and surely it would be a good thing if the bereaved had a way of dealing with this easily; and avoiding the sort of distress that comes from finding enduring online references to someone who has since passed on? And with due deference to the legal profession, technology really isn’t their thing.