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Incorvus on G-Cloud 10

Moving to Cloud: data discovery, preparation, migration and curation services

Quality Cloud deserves quality data!

Incorvus has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 10 framework for the supply of Lot 3 Cloud Support services.

Through Lot 3, UK public sector organisations considering moving to, or consolidating on, Cloud, can commission Incorvus’ Cloud support services.

Incorvus’ Lot 3 services include data discovery, preparation, migration and curation services within the context of an overarching data strategy.

Poor, patchy or poorly-curated data adversely impacts migration, as well as the potential and ongoing benefits from Cloud, no matter the quality of the underlying Cloud infrastructure.

  • Enhance confidence in future decision-making and insights through quality information and ongoing information curation;
  • Realise and sustain the value of your data, a key organisational asset;
  • Discover your dark data and assess its value or overlooked application;
  • Identify duplicate, incomplete and redundant data;
  • Migrate only unique, timely, accurate and relevant records;
  • Reduce risk and storage costs by porting only quality data to the Cloud;
  • Reduce wasted effort, check your metadata is Cloud-ready;
  • Reduce delay from poor quality packaged data extracts;
  • Reduce risk and costs – identify issues before migration;
  • Reduce risk and costs from legacy or consolidation issues;
  • Improve usability and insight by instilling metadata disciplines;
  • Reduce wasted effort by aligning data models to the new Cloud environment;
  • Reduce development time by working with clean data;
  • Build for ‘privacy by design’ and other governance requirements;
  • Speed data discovery and preparation.

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The G-Cloud 10 framework agreement is live from 2nd July 2018.

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