Digital leaves organisations no choice – it’s a question of survive or thrive! Those that don’t ‘get’ digital are going to the wall. Those that do, are becoming market leaders. If you even have to ask why you might need our digital metamorphosis courses, then you probably need them.

Incorvus’ training provides digital direction for those tasked with understanding and leading digital; insight into the organisational impact of digital; and professional development for those seeking to bridge the gap between technology and business.

Our Digital Academy offers executive education, workshops, seminars and advisory for boards, directors, c-suite and senior management.

  • Our digital metamorphosis advisory for leaders and senior executives explains the deep organisational impact of digital: why digital is such a game changer; and what this means for legacy organisations, their boards, leadership, structure, functions, people, processes, systems and culture.
  • Our applied digital programme updates corporate management disciplines to include enabling technology, digital competency and a review of traditional practices in the context of digital.
  • Our digital horizon courses takes a realistic business perspective on digital innovation and emergent technologies and their potential, providing clarity of opportunity where there is currently hype, doubt or confusion.

We also offer more traditional corporate training courses across a variety of familiar subjects, competencies, sectors, capabilities and disciplines for those seeking greater professional development.

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