Environmental policy

Incorvus is an enthusiastic supporter of environmental policies, not only because we recognise they are essential to the future wellbeing of the world but because they invariably ensure good housekeeping and help to improve our profitablity. We conform with environmental regulations, laws and codes of best practice.

We are working towards ISO9001 accreditation.

Recycling and reducing waste

The business is computer-driven, and has transferred all possible administrative and accountancy systems to computers, thus saving considerable amounts of paper. Invoicing is entirely electronic.

Electronic channels and communication means are used wherever possible.

Staff are encouraged to minimise the use of desktop printers and we continue to reduce their availability in line with managed demand. Used ink/toner cartridges are recycled.

All paper waste is recycled, and the staff are actively encouraged to recycle plastic and metal waste. General waste and recyclable waste bins are located on all floors of the building and the contents are disposed of in two separated dumpsters, for weekly collection by an accredited waste processor.

Energy saving

Lighting is supplied by energy-efficient fittings and bulbs.


We use public transport, cycle or walk whenever possible; more than 80% of our business journeys are made using public transport. There are no company cars, just a company bicycle.


We limit our use of paper-based marketing as far as is practical.


Directors and staff are fully committed to this environmental policy, which we regard as ongoing and which is reviewed annually.