Digital Primer for Business Start Ups

Digital primer for business startups 20 MAR 2024

Digital primer for business start ups: evaluate your start up business plan to avoid critical digital & other mistakes before committing precious capital.  Book now!

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Digital primer for business start ups: if you intend to start a business, you need to get critical early decisions right to avoid common, but costly & potentially fatal, digital errors and make sure your business plan is sound.

Whatever the nature of the business you intend to start it will be impacted by digital. Before you commit any resources or sign any contracts, there are crucial pre-planning considerations that must be taken into account so that critical early decision-making is resilient in a digital world.

Standard business disciplines apply equally to an online business as to a physical one. The challenge is to understand those disciplines in terms of digital. Digital will magnify and multiply any mistakes. Pre-planning informed by digital insight and business experience will help you, even if you feel confident with technology, to avoid common errors, use funding wisely and take an objective view on the longevity of your proposition.

Who should attend
Anyone intending to start a business; entrepreneurs, stakeholders or potential investors.

Course agenda

  • Review your business proposition;
  • Review your business plan;
  • Assess where you really are in the process;
  • Business, digital and traditional infrastructure & resource planning;
  • Budgeting, the opportunity cost of time, effort and mistakes;
  • Abandon, proceed, correct.

Learning outcomes
By the end of this briefing, attendees should:

  • Have a clearer idea of the likely success or failure of their business proposition;
  • Have tested the quality of their business plan against digital and business experts;
  • Be realistic about where they are in the process and what still lies ahead in their timeline;
  • Understand what digital and other necessary infrastructure & resources are recommended;
  • Understand what budget may be needed for; the likely cost, time and effort involved;
  • Be able to decide whether to abandon or proceed and if so, understand how to get back on track.

This 4 hour course is online from 9.00am-1.00pm. Other formats, times or venues may be arranged upon request.

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20 MARCH 2024

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Duration 4 hours
Fee £650.00 excl. VAT
Schedule 20th March 2024