Corporate Finance for Executive Management

Corporate finance for executive management 15 JAN 2024

Corporate finance for executive management: an intensive course explaining the finance function, its objectives & boundaries: for those expert in other fields to overcome domain barriers & improve corporate collaboration. Book now!

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Corporate finance is a ‘glamour’ topic, but this ‘allure’ can be off-putting for non-financial executives, experts in other fields who would derive benefit through greater understanding of the finance function. Corporate finance glamour can also generates gaps in understanding which in turn lead to poor execution. This can undermine growth strategies where misconceived modelling can be disastrous if left unchallenged.

The course promotes increased appreciation of the finance function which benefits the individual, other departments, the organisation & its goals. Understanding the work of, and the challenges faced by the CFO, can improve corporate decision-making; support the executive and increase perceived functional value.

Who should attend

This course is primarily intended for CEOs, Managing Directors, Senior Executives & Managers who are expert in fields other than finance; & responsible for growth, shareholder value or business unit performance.

However, the course is also relevant for:

  • recently-appointed or aspirant Chief Financial Officers;
  • those profiling candidates for corporate finance appointments;
  • those seeking increased cohesion in the executive team.

Course agenda

The first week of the course includes:

  1. Concepts, principles and foundation;
  2. Company accounts – reading between the lines;
  3. Investment decisions, return and scenarios;
  4. Financial planning: budgeting, modelling and forecasting;
  5. Corporate finance systems: tools, fintech and digital.

The second week of the course includes:

  1. Planning a growth strategy;
  2. Executing a growth strategy: leadership; management, control and the role of treasury;
  3. The active use of risk audit and business intelligence
  4. Corporate valuation, reporting, analysis and adding value;
  5. M&A, corporate finance fashions over time.

Learning outcomes
In curricular terms, all attendees will:

  • Gain confidence from the proper understanding and use of financial  terminology;
  • Appreciate finance in the context of corporate goals, decisions, and challenges;
  • Understand the importance of budgets, and how to prepare them;
  • Be more exacting regarding operational forecasting & modelling, particularly for tactical scenarios;
  • Improve their ability to assess corporate financial performance, using analysis & benchmarking.;
  • Gain an understanding of management accounting & other finance techniques;
  • Gain an appreciation of financial systems & digital technologies;
  • Increase their finance capability and apply to problem & opportunity identification.

Non-financial executives and senior managers will:

  • gain confidence in & understanding of the finance function & the work of the CFO.

Newly-minted CFOs will:

  • gain insights as to how other functions perceive CFOs;
  • identify early opportunities for team-building;
  • increase their understanding of pragmatic corporate finance at the sharp end!

Organisations will:

  • See improved relationships between finance & other departments, even where there are long-standing rifts;
  • Benefit from better decision-support and corporate finance implications;
  • Gain from an analytical approach to costing & forecasting;
  • Benefit shareholders through increased analytical focus on accurate, relevant value & performance indicators.

This intensive 10 day course will be held in the morning, from 9.00am-1.00pm over a 2 week period. Other formats, times or venues may be arranged upon request.

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15-26 JANUARY 2024

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15-26 APRIL 2024

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Duration 2 weeks
Fee £6,300.00 excl. VAT
Schedule 15th-26th January 2024