Virtuously virtual

Incorvus’ business is digital, with a virtual office environment. This maximises value to clients.
At Incorvus, materials or consumables that require  eventual recycling (paper, batteries, ink cartridges, bulbs) are kept to a minimum. This also maximises value to clients.

Energy saving

Lighting is supplied by energy-efficient fittings and bulbs.


Incorvus does not hold or maintain any company vehicles apart from a bicycle.


Incorvus supports environmentally-responsible practices with its environment policy: not only because they are important for the future but because they are business-efficient. To the best of our knowledge, we conform with environmental regulations, laws and codes of best practice. Directors and staff are fully committed to this policy, which is reviewed annually. As a virtual organisation, with minimal organisational carbon or energy footprint on the environment, we believe we are as close to net zero as it is possible for a company to be.