Digital value for small businesses 16 NOV 2022

Digital value for small businesses: small businesses often miss out on digital rewards or are exposed to risks they may be unaware of. Digital impact is inevitable. Learn digital savvy to realise online value for your small business. Book now!

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Digital value for small businesses: many small businesses getting into digital, who know their own business, undersell their proposition through lack of digital savvy; and are unable to capitalise on the reward potential of digital. Others, for the same reason, are vulnerable to security or compliance risks. For instance:

  • Diluted ability to direct;
  • Business choking due to lack of integration with digital channels or inventory;
  • Poor choice of e-commerce software through not knowing what is critical;
  • Making the customer journey harder than it needed to be;
  • Lack of objectivity about the digital competency of key resources;
  • Reliance on third parties to manage their digital estate;
  • Being unable to re-imagine real world tasks as digital ones;
  • Failure to meet marketplace & consumer expectations;
  • Digital supply chain & fulfilment not fully thought through;
  • Ad hoc data, security & regulatory exposure;
  • Unable to leverage digital advantage through routes to a global market;
  • Vulnerability to change orders or stasis from gaps between supplier remits;
  • Inadequate digital back office or digital business routines.

Equip yourself to get on the front foot with digital: mitigate the risks: leverage the rewards!

Who should attend
Small business owners, digital entrepreneurs, digital proprietors or prospective owners, those running a digital business from home, stakeholders, investors.

Course agenda

  • Digital offer – product & selling;
  • Digital real estate – location, segment, niche;
  • Digital marketplace (localisation, customers & competitors);
  • Digital storefront – branding, marketing, SEO & shop-window;
  • Digital equipment – technologies, tools, infrastructure, decisions;
  • Digital culture, personnel & suppliers;
  • Digital communications, back office & processes – everyone, everywhere, everywhen;
  • Digital output, data, transactions & bookkeeping;
  • Digital regulatory, financial & compliance environments;
  • Digital maintenance & support;
  • Digital leadership & management;
  • Reprise: the risks & rewards of digital.

Learning outcomes
Increased confidence in digital applied to traditional business planning & disciplines to realise online business value:

  • Increased understanding of digital;
  • Appreciation of digital risks & rewards;
  • Increased knowledge of digital technologies;
  • Application of the digital mindset to business man
    agement disciplines;
  • Objective perspective on own digital presence or initiative.

This 3 day course is in workshop format, held in the morning, from 9.30am-12.30pm. Other formats, times or venues may be arranged upon request.

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16-18 NOVEMBER 2022

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Duration 3 days
Fee £1,875.00 excl. VAT
Schedule 16 Nov to 18 Nov 2022