Why you need our knowledge strategy workshop

Most organisations possess 80% unstructured content, most of which is under-utilised because it is not understood; is too big to easily or effectively search; is split amongst applications causing downstream integration costs; is difficult to govern reliably or manage cost-effectively. That's 80% of your digital estate which is generating cost, not value.

When considering whether or not to do this, remember your digital estate is only ever going to grow. Data volumes are increasing exponentially, so this problem is only ever going to get bigger. Look at this from the perspective of 'what is the cost of not doing this..... now?"

A knowledge strategy offers the chance to benefit from:

  • insight & value from your unstructured (not just your structured) data - making content pay;
  • healing your fractured data & knowledge estate, overcoming departmental or application-centric silos;
  • reducing the time taken by content searches and increasing both the relevance and breadth of search results;
  • capturing and leveraging organisational experience and domain knowledge;
  • protecting the organisation from key personnel changes or departmental restructuring;
  • enriching information through the application of business vocabulary to machine-generated technical terminology;
  • improving governance through the ability to resolve multiple identifiers and pin-point unique data;
  • laying proper knowledge foundations for AI & ML.

Of these, laying solid foundations for AI is probably the most significant benefit. Would you build a house without proper foundations, correct measurements or a plan?

At Incorvus, we have considerable expertise in critical information needs & information architectures founded in extensive BI experience. We understand the technical challenges of global vendor enterprise data & content applications as well as appreciating the real-world business challenges - in both public & private sectors.