Are you managing your data, or is it, managing you?

Looking after data repositories, infrastructure, processing and practices, as distinct from the stewardship of the data itself, should create organisational confidence. But organisations typically not perceive data management as a high value task. Partly this is because data management used to be concerned with database administration (DBA) and querying. The skills needed were specific to the database technology.

With the advent of digital, data management has taken on a whole new remit. Data management scope now includes data flow, security, storage, archiving, deletion, maintenance, protection and availability the data & data infrastructure that makes up an organisation’s digital assets.

Data management really is less about specific technologies than it is about data usage within a domain, and maintaining the flow of that system according to the business need, required logic, rules & architectural constraints.

In the age of digital, organisations should be taking data management seriously, certain that their data is n the age of digital, digital organisations must have confidence “that the data they are relying on is accurate, complete, rationalized, and actionable