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Why the CDO is a bellwether

Why the CDO is a bellwether, the CDO as an indicator of digital readiness.

Board Perspective issue 24

Board Perspectives magazine, No. 24 December 2019 (pp. 12): How long has your board been the ‘frog in hot water’? on the need for digital literacy in the boardroom.

The Bottom Line October 2019: Geospatial data in the UK, its rise, significance for business and some of the problems associated with its development and use. Co-authored with Prof. Merlin Stone and Dr. Eleni Avaropoulou.

HM Government Geospatial Commission’s Call for Evidence Response April 2019 (pp. 1052): Incorvus’ response to the Geospatial Commission‘s Call for Evidence regarding the use of geospatial data and how this might support economic growth; assist UK productivity; and transform how public services are delivered.