GDPR & technology workshop

Our introductory GDPR workshops are practitioner-focused half-day events. They comprise a combination of structured educational sessions, peer-led discussions, and networking, as well as supporting existing GDPR awareness and training initiatives.

Incorvus GDPR workshops are for those who seek to develop their skillset; may have a desire to bring additional governance competencies to their professional ambit, or, who face continued GDPR business challenges.

In particular, these workshops will address what GDPR means in technology terms: the impact on existing business processes – even the commonplace – and on the use of technology itself.

As experts in information governance solutions we offer insight into what GDPR and GDPR legal advice means in implementation terms: what aspects of your current use of technology need to change and what new technology might be needed.

We do not offer legal advice, nor should it be treated as such, what we do is enable you to act on legal advice you may already have received – and we hope to clear up common misunderstandings along the way.

If you are interested in our workshop, please complete our contact form.  Thank you.