GDPR for micro businesses

Micro SMEs will find GDPR especially challenging in terms of the drain on time and resources, competing business imperatives and lack of access to legal expertise. They may feel they don’t even have the time to sit down and understand GDPR, never mind implement it. Even if they do, they are unlikely to have any internal IT resource.

Our consultants’ pragmatic approach to implementation is feasible and affordable, breaking the task down in to achievable elements as part of a phased plan, which itemises and demonstrates progress and begins to alleviate the paralysis of fear and despair that impedes action.

  • Do you know where to start?
  • What would you prioritise?
  • Do you know where your data is hiding?
  • Do you understand what is technically critical?
  • Do you want to mitigate the risk of costly technical mistakes?

To find out more, download our “Incorvus GDPR for micro businesses” leaflet.