GDPR for accountants & IFAs

Independent accountancy practices and IFAs operate in an already highly regulated environment, subject to and working within many other constraints, such as accounting standards or financial reporting disciplines. Typically small independent operators will find the resource-drain of GDPR its most difficult aspect, alongside access to relevant and useful IT expertise.

If you are an accountant or IFA we recommend you consider:

  • How will you manage client and firm data differently, and apply the necessary fault zones?
  • What impact will GDPR have on suppliers, your supply chain, and on business relationships?
  • Can you access sympathetic IT and governance expertise?

Incorvus is sympathetic, having consultants who are versed in international financial disciplines, and experienced in delivering financial information governance solutions.

To find out more, download our “Incorvus GDPR for accountants & IFAs” information sheet, which offers a pragmatic way forward through the GDPR maze.