Data consolidation

If you are planning, prior to moving to Cloud, to rationalise, merge, consolidate or de-commission legacy systems (or those where may you have multiple instances of an application package – this might be because of regional differences; due to acquisition of another organisation using a different version of the package; or simply through difficulty in extracting usable data) we can help.

Identifying the differences between multiple instances can be very challenging, given how large and complex these systems typically are. We use Safyr to make the identification of differences quick and easy. Safyr’s comparison feature can be configured to pick out the kinds of differences that are important to the user.

This helps with smoothing the move to Cloud, where the data structures (as previously explained) can sometimes be somewhat constrained or you want to avoid porting unnecessary data – or, equally well, leaving valuable data behind.

A corporate ontology can also help in establishing data and metadata standards and vocabulary, as part of seeking to harmonise relevant datasets if you aim to be canonical. A wider view of the overall data model will also benefit from this.