About us

Incorvus is an information governance consultancy, providing implementation services as well as thought leadership. Our mission is to help clients troubleshoot their data and metadata issues, so often the root of bigger IT and business problems or project paralysis.

Our strategy is data-centric – the digital world is fuelled by data and bounded by governance. Realising the value of data provides accurate insight, confident decisions, operational efficiency, managed risk and assured governance. Quality data opens up future horizons in the digital marketplace.

The pace of IT evolution and the data avalanche from IoT devices demands that organisations have forward-thinking data strategies. Data, as a valuable corporate asset, attracts increasing scrutiny and regulation. Good and transparent governance should be a key aspect of any risk management strategy.  Operations, in the digital age, should not be constrained by fragmented processes, lack of ontology, or poor quality data.

Instead, you want business insights which are reliable; operations that are choke-free, end-to-end and purposeful; and sound governance in your corporate DNA. With our help you can realise data value, mitigate risk and gain advantage through having a technologically-sound information ecosystem fed by a quality information supply chain.

Our practitioners’ insight is derived from deep knowledge of BI and BI techniques structured, unstructured and regulated environments. Time has proven our solutions and advice, durable in both public and private sectors. As a boutique consultancy, when you commission Incorvus you receive real value, rather than substantially underwriting someone else’s operational overhead.

Data is agnostic. Our data practitioners work with global vendor technologies and next generation open source platforms alike. We service the public and other regulated sectors such as healthcare, capital markets and financial services.

Incorvus is named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 10 framework for the supply of Lot 3 Cloud Support services and on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (DOS3) framework (RM1043.5 October 2018). Incorvus provides digital outcomes and digital specialists services (Lots 1 & 2).

Incorvus – unclogging the arteries of business

We’ve been asked “why Incorvus”?  Corvus is the latin term for the raven family; birds in folklore associated with prophesy and portent. The corvidae are now considered by scientists to be amongst the smartest animals in the world, due to their encephalisation quotient. Like the corvidae, Incorvus punches intellectually above its weight, and time has endorsed our ability to see around the next curve and over the next wave.

Corvidae have an exceptional cardiovascular system that allows them to fly long distances to survive. As ‘blood is life’ for birds and mammals, so is data the lifeblood of companies. In both cases, problems with ‘blood’ and its ”circulation will adversely affect performance. That’s why it is vital to unclog the arteries of business – it is essential to the health of the body corporate.

So, ‘Incorvus’ encapsulates our ethos; we enable our clients to fly longer, higher and straighter, through the insight we bring from the raven’s eye-view and foresight.

Our values

Practice not preach

Incorvus are practitioners rather than management consultants. This means we ‘do’ instead of ‘preach’. Rather than delivering “draw-ware” or documentation which rapidly progresses to the ’round filing cabinet’, our advice is brief enough for any Board member to digest and our solutions have proven resilient against the march of time and the rapid evolution of IT.

Lead not follow

We provide thought leadership which may, or may not, align with traditional best practice since best practice tends to have a short shelf-life when mapped against the  rapid evolution of technology. The IT concepts our core team engineered as bespoke troubleshooting solutions are only just now emerging as typical market needs.


Our maxim is ‘keep it simple’, an engineering principle which holds just as well in IT. Elegance of thought and design is what enabled us to devise market-leading, resilient solutions, ahead of their time.