Incorvus brand launched

MLS Ventures renamed as Incorvus Ltd.

Incorvus Ltd, (formerly MLS Ventures Ltd.), was launched on 31st May 2016, reflecting a repositioning and extension of the company’s offering.

Incorvus is now extending its data expertise in global vendor technologies to include big data, data wrangling and end-to-end integration.

Managing Director, Suzanne Jozefowicz commented that the potential of the big data worldwide market and emergent technologies from Silicon Valley is compelling.

In order to capitalise on the promise of new technology paradigms while responding to client and regulatory demands for increased transparency and operational resilience, organisations must adopt a new, open approach to technology architecture. Rigid bespoke integration and manual workarounds to monolithic systems will give way to open architectures with API-based integration to internal and third party data and services to enable properly controlled, masked and abstracted shared data.

Incorvus specialises in public sector, capital markets, financial services sectors and organisations which have significant data throughput, a GRC (governance, risk, compliance) or shared services component.

The Incorvus team has a considerable track record in providing bespoke Business Intelligence (BI) and Management Information (MI) solutions.

Incorvus partners Oracle for data applications, data cleansing and master data management, and Silwood Technologies for data discovery solutions.