Incorvus shatters glass ceiling trend

Female Tech leader appointed

Incorvus was re-launched on 31st May 2016, with fresh branding to reflect a re-positioning and extension of the company’s offering.

Incorvus – a big data innovator with links to Silicon Valley – is now under female leadership. The new Managing Director, Suzanne Jozefowicz commented that it was time the tech sector came out of the dark ages. In the U.K. we have yet another female Prime Minister so why is it that technology seems to be the preserve of men in suits?

A study by MSCI in 2015 revealed there were only six female CEOs  in the FTSE 100 index of the 100 biggest companies in the UK; by definition there are even fewer in UK technology companies despite the fact that companies with strong female leadership offer a better return on investment.

Current UK trends indicate that the number of top level female executives is in decline. Incorvus has indeed bucked the trend by heeding the plea of the CBI, which wants to see more female leadership, not just seats on boards.

Suzanne’s previous experience of chairing campaigning organisations and leading breakthrough sales in the UK IT market brings fresh dynamism to Incorvus’ ambitions. Channel and partnership arrangements are already underway.